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  • We are proud to say that we are involved not only in providing products that help save the environment but also in providing services and programs that help to reduce the amount of plastics that are going into our landfill sites.

  • Friendly Earth offers its services to large and small companies throughout Western Canada. Our facilities are able to recycle industrial quantities of various types of plastics and commodities.

  • We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your recycling requirements. Our services and programs can be custom designed to meet your needs. Please give us a call if you are interested in starting a recycling program

About Us

Fully Customized Services and Programs

We accept most post manufactured plastics and commodities. After it is determined that we are able to recycle the material, a program is then established whereby we provide a bin for your collections.​

  • Free Consultation 

  • Assortment of Bin Sizes

  • Pickup and Delivery of Materials

  • Processing and Product Destruction Services

Types of Plastics Accepted

  • Wraps, Bags, and Packaging

  • Hard Plastic Containers

  • Certain Types of Plastic Piping

  • Acrylics and Lexan Plastics

Household Plastics

  • We are striving to implement a regular household program that would enable us to collect different types of plastics from residential customers.


Friendly Earth


Friendly Earth 


Toll Free: 1-(800)-465-9968

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